Beard Coaster - singelpack

beard coaster

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Beard Coaster - singelpack
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25,00 kr


Beard Coaster är ölunderlägg med skäggcitat, ett citat för varje underlägg. Tillverkade i slittålig plast.

9,5 cm diameter

"Go ahead and stare at your beard in the mirror, you manly bastard."
"Trust me, when I woke up today, I had no plans to be this sexy. But hey, beard happens!"
"I hate being sexy, but I'm a bearded man so I can't help it."
"Whoever said that beauty is on the inside, clearly could not grow a beard."
"A good conversation starts with 'Nice beard".
"Beard are the new six pack."
"Men grow beards. Hipsters grow accessories."
"This is not just a beard, it's a passport to awsomeness!"
"True awsomeness exists in growing a beard."
"They said I could be anything. So I grew a beard and became a man."
"How much beard is enough? Well, how much manliness can you take."
"Have you told your beard that you love it today?"
"I'm not too lazy to shave. I'm too manly not to have a beard."
"True love is like a beard. It never ends, it only grows."
"Beards turn laziness into awsomeness."
"Wisdom don't grow on trees. It grows on faces."


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Kundrecensioner 4 item(s)

As always really fun to get these with the orders!
Recension av Linus / (Publicerad 2020-08-13)
Great product.
En trevlig gratis present. Var ska man ställa bärsen på om inte på en cool coaster.
Recension av Hedningen01 / (Publicerad 2019-07-05)
Stylish, Fun and True!
Fun surprise!
Recension av BloodiBeard / (Publicerad 2018-07-31)
Kul bonus
Fyndig beer coaster som var en kul extragrej i paketet!
Recension av Johan / (Publicerad 2018-06-26)