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Gamma+ X-ergo

Gamma+ X-ergo

Gamma+ Absolute Hitter

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Gamma+ Absolute Hitter är en trådlös trimmer med laddställ och utbytbara skal.

The Gamma+ Absolute Hitter is the first ever fully modular hair trimmer. It comes with 3 different body kits (Chrome, Gold and Rose Gold) which can be combined together in 12 different skin combos for a fully customisable look.

It features a removable drop-top which means you can "skeleton" the trimmer for cooler blade operation and a better sight line. The fully adjustable black diamond blade can be zero-gapped and is made with Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) to keep it cool, rust-free and sharper for longer. The DLC coating is also kind to sensitive skin.

The high speed rotary motor is powered by a lithium ion battery with a run time of 240 mins and a recharge time of 120 mins. There's an audible beep when it's time to recharge, which can be done via a USB cable either on the charging stand or plugged straight into the trimmer.

The Gamma+ Absolute Hitter is supplied with 3 body kits, screwdriver, comb set—#½ (1.5 mm), #1 (3 mm) & #1½ (4.5 mm)—cleaning brush and oil.


  • 240 min sladdlös batteritid,

  • 2 tim snabbuppladdning

  • USB-uppladdning

  • Black Diamond Carbon DLC blad

  • Två utbytbara skal i guld & guldrosé

  • Ett extra skydd till skäret


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